MThompson Consulting LLC was established in 2013, as a professional leadership consultation firm by Founder & Executive Leadership Consultant Maeling Thompson. With over fifteen years of experience in leadership and professional development..  MThompson Consulting has utilized expertise and mastery in the field of leadership to equip faltering organizations, staggered communities and individual entities in re-aligning their purposed outcomes and identifying their unique leadership DNA.  MThompson Consulting has provided Real World, Real Life, Real Solutions~leadership advisement, consultation, and training to promote optimum advantages in their respective fields of operation.  Our portfolio includes a vast array of clients including both business and community organizations, as well as domestic individuals & entities.  MThompson Consulting utilizes strategic skills to not only LOOK at the consumer for where they are, but SEE where they need to be.  Let Mthompson Consulting help you SEE where you need to be, contact us today for a complimentary consultation!